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Beautiful Nude Teens Dirty Detention

smush Mar 14

Watch beautiful nude teens dirty detention when two schoolgirls getting caught watching a naughty video of their substitute she gives them detention then teaches them how to please a woman. The scene first starts with the schoolgirls in class talking about how the teacher looks really familiar then they remember that they saw her on a naughty internet video. While discussing this the substitute teacher gives the schoolgirls detention after school for interrupting class. Bored at detention they decide to find the video that their substitute teacher was is. So they went to the website and pull up the video and it was their teacher!

Getting roudy again after watching the video the substitute teacher comes up and snatches the phone. She demands to see what they were watching and to her surprise, it was her masturbating. Turned on the teacher ask them if they like to watch naughty movies and if they were turned on by the video. Now horny the substitute teacher asks the school girls if they have ever been with a woman before and takes her nice tits out. She lets the school girls feel on her breast then has them take out theirs. The schoolgirls get super horny feeling up each other’s hot tits and they move into the next lesson of licking pussy. Finally, the beautiful nude teens dirty detention scene ends when they learn where to lick the clit and the valuable lesson on how to make a pussy cum.

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